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XNAT Marketplace Launches

The XNAT Marketplace has launched, just in time for the XNAT Workshop and the release of the XNAT 1.6 Beta release candidate!

What is the XNAT Marketplace, you ask? We think of it as a clearing-house for XNAT developers to package and share their enhancements and customizations with the rest of the community, leveraging the new ability native to XNAT 1.6 to expand functionality with modules. You will be able to find common data types, new CSS themes, new UI functionality and much more in the Marketplace as we take the extensibility of XNAT to new heights.

Questions: you’ll have ’em. Feel free to consult the XNAT Marketplace documentation site before diving in. Or, just dive in! Grab a VM of XNAT 1.6 Beta and explore the Marketplace.

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