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XNAT Workshop 2016

Thanks For Participating In The 2016 XNAT Workshop!

The 2016 XNAT Workshop was a great success. Thanks to all who participated and got to get their hands on an alpha version of the upcoming XNAT 1.7 release.


XNAT Workshop Curriculum:

Detailed Agenda and Supporting Materials on the XNAT Workshop Wiki. (Videos and screencasts coming soon!)
Day 1: Introduction to XNAT/Hackathon Day 1

Day 1 will be a split session. For those looking for an introduction to XNAT, a series of lectures and practicals will focus on installation, configuration, management, operation, and onboarding.

For more experienced XNAT users, an open hackathon will provide a great opportunity to engage in developing new XNAT capabilities, integrations, and modules. XNAT developers will be on hand to partner up, provide guidance on best practices, and impromptu tutorials on the XNAT codebase.

Day 2: XNAT DevOps

Day 2 will focus on DevOps practices for installing and operating a stable and scalable XNAT system. Topics will include virtualization approaches, cloud-based systems, monitoring tools, load balancing, and advanced file systems. Many of our favorite technologies will be discussed, including Vagrant, ZFS, and Scalr.

Day 3: XNAT Computing

Day 3 will cover the methods XNAT provides for running processes on the data it hosts. Topics will include the XNAT automation service, XNAT pipelines, and the XNAT API. This is an area of intense development for the XNAT team, so be prepared for hot-off-the-press material and seat-of-the-pants live demos.

Day 4: XNAT Programming

Day 4 will provide insights and best practices for adding new features to XNAT. Topics will include basic data extensions, deployable modules, API extensions, and source code modification. The XNAT team will openly proselytize the virtues of getting involved in the XNAT open source development effort.

Day 5: Impromptu Sessions/Hackathon Day 2

Day 5 will give everyone a chance to continue developing or start new hackathon projects. Emergent topics that arise over the course of the workshop will be covered in lecture hall and breakout sessions.

The agenda will leave plenty of time open for impromptu and special interest topics. We encourage attendees with common interests to form breakout sessions and will have meeting rooms available to host them. If there are topics you’d like to see covered that are not listed above, please let us know.