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Attendee Wiki


For XNAT Workshop Attendees, and for those members of the XNAT community who wish they could be here but cannot, we have launched the XNAT Workshop Attendee Wiki. Here, you can see a detailed agenda, propose new topics for lectures and Hackathon projects, and collaborate with your fellow attendees. You will also be able to get in-depth details and resources supporting each talk and practical session.

This is a collaborative space for us to keep you updated, and for you to give us feedback on what kind of sessions and projects you’d like to tackle, and to connect with each other.

Each workshop attendee has been given a login to add or edit content on the wiki. If you don’t currently have access, please email us to request access.

After the workshop is over, the wiki will continue to be a valuable resource as we post videos and screencasts from each lecture, and walkthroughs for each practical session.