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In our first XNAT Workshop, we outsourced the ticketing and registration to a third party provider. This year, we are attempting to manage it ourselves, and there may be a few bumps and bruises along the way. If you have a problem, hopefully you might find the answer here. If you need help, feel free to contact us directly.

Q: Help! I registered, but couldn’t complete the payment process. How do I make a payment without registering again? 

If you did not complete the payment process via the CashNet checkout, then your registration is not considered complete. Feel free to try again. If you have repeated problems with our CashNet checkout system, please contact Cathy Gezella at

Q: Help! I can’t use a credit card to register. Are there other payment options? 

At this time, the only payment option is through the CashNet system, so see if you can come up with a credit card. Contact Dan Marcus if you still find yourself in a real pinch.

Q: Help! I need an invitation or letter to obtain a travel visa. Can I get one? 

Yes, Washington University will provide an invitation letter upon request. Please contact Cathy Gezella at to obtain a personally addressed letter.

Q: Help! My plans changed, and now I need to cancel. Can I do that? (And can I get a refund?)

Canceling is no problem. Please contact Cathy Gezella at and she will take you off the attendee roster. We will offer as full a refund as we are able. Some notes on refunds:

  • For most cancellation requests, we can offer a full refund of the purchase price, including CashNet fees.
  • If you have to cancel at the last moment (any time after May 10, 2016), after we have made commitments to vendors for Workshop amenities, this may affect the amount that we can refund.

Q: Help! I’m budgeting for this week, what (if any) meals are included with my registration fee?

Your XNAT Workshop registration fee will include a light breakfast (bagels & coffee, etc) and a catered lunch each day, and a banquet dinner on Tuesday night. Other meals and lodging are not included in the registration fee.